Cases from the Psychiatry Letter - II

Cases from the Psychiatry Letter - II

Following up on volume 1, eleven more cases from the monthly Psychiatry Letter are provided in this ebook. Each case is provided with recommendations for an approach consistent with the PL philosophy and with links to further explanations on the PL website or to scientific articles. 


Case 1. Ending suicidality by stopping antidepressants in supposed borderline personality

Case 2. Life events, not trauma

Case 3.  A  mixed depressive suicide

Case 4.  Your treatment is as good as your diagnosis

Case 5.  Adolescent bipolar illness

Case 6. When it's okay to prescribe benzodiazepines

Case 7.  Stopping antidepressants for "depression"

Case 8. Carbamazepine to the rescue

Case 9.  Hyperthymic temperament

Case 10. Treating anxiety symptoms in PTSD

Case 11.  Preadolescent depression versus bipolar illness

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