Cases from the Psychiatry Letter - I

Cases from the Psychiatry Letter - I

Ten cases from the monthly Psychiatry Letter are provided in this ebook. Each case is provided with recommendations for an approach consistent with the PL philosophy and with links to further explanations on the PL website or to scientific articles. 

Case 1. A functional young adult with intrusive suicidal thoughts

Case 2. Bipolar diagnosis or trauma?

Case 3. PMDD which isn't

Case 4. Can bipolar illness go away?

Case 5. Childhood ADD worsened by stimulants

Case 6.  A messy case

Case 7.  Not ADD, not chronic fatigue, not "depression

Case 8. A first depressive episode at age 18

Case 9. Depression in heart disease

Case 10. Narcisistic personality that isn't 

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