Bipolar controversies: Childhood

Bipolar controversies: Childhood

This e-book discusses controversies in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood bipolar illness, drawn from Mood Swings, a blog on the Psychology Today website, written by Nassir Ghaemi MD, from 2008 to present.  Debates around misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis, underdiagnosis, DSM, amphetamines, and social stigma are discussed. 


Table of Contents: 

Childhood bipolar illness: Erasing myths

Depression in children: Proof of bipolar illness

Childhood bipolar: An American fad, in 1845 Paris

Overdiagnosed, or still ignored?

An Australian fad: Ignoring childhood bipolar illness

The pseudoscience of denying childhood bipolar illness

Bipolar bad, Ritalin good

Your child isn't bipolar, but your adolescent is

Opining on childhood bipolar illness

Banning childhood bipolar illness: The 400% solution

Adolescent suicide: Are amphetamines involved?


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